Break The Silence

by Life of Reilly

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There are very few things that are straight forward in this world. Everything somehow means something else. Nothing can escape being scrutinized and analyzed one thousand times over. Life of Reilly leave no room for interpretation: they are a hardcore punk band akin to early USHC and that’s it. Their debut 7”, Break The Silence, shows the band playing authentic, unembellished music equal parts midwest and abrasive DC.


released April 12, 2015




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Track Name: Games
Pick your games, but I won't play
We'll see who's here to stay
Talk down to me like I don't belong
Count my flaws and I'll give you what you want, if it makes you feel better to taunt
I wish I knew what the fuck was wrong
Face the facts I'm here still
I'm not acting, it's how I feel
You don't see what we could be
Could be
Track Name: Getting By
I wish you could see, you don't have to try your hardest to fit in
You're just getting by
True to you
Be you
Track Name: Lost
A constant constraint weighing on my back
A disguise to society hiding what I lack
I know it's not right does that make me wrong
I'm tired of this shit it's gone on for too long
Been a long time coming and I've used you through
It makes me happy to know you'll get what's due
I wish you knew what it means to me but you can't get past what you can't see
The stress you bring and rules you set if it's what you want it's what you'll get
Track Name: Watch Me
Watch my every move do you like what you see?
Live my life away from your society
Watch me, watch me. There’s nothing to see
Listen, and listen. You won’t get what you need
We’re all guilty, we’re all to blame
Under a microscope we’re all insane
Watch me, watch me. There’s nothing to see
Listen, and listen. You won’t get what you need
Freedom’s not free
Track Name: Change
I wish you could see yourself now, you're just another face in the crowd
I guess we're not cool enough for you and your crew
Are you really happy with all the things you do?
Changing your ways to fit a certain mold, I can't get down with that shit
Think about all the things that you lack, you changed and we don't want you back
Playing the part all too well, but we were too keen to tell
Change your views and attitude just like you changed your scene
You've changed and I don't want you back
Track Name: Our Time Is Now
Tired of being silenced and told to obey
We're nothing at all at least that's what they fucking say
Sick of feeling pushed around, but we won't run and hide
I'm standing strong with my peers side by fucking side
Raise your voice and raise your fist. Can't you see were fucking pissed?
Were the youth, our time is now. You won't ever put us down
Individuality is what you fucking lack
You're falling in line. You're another joker in the pack
I refuse to play by your fucking rules
I won't be considered just another stupid fool
Track Name: Turn My Back
Gave you a chance and you still haven't changed
Your cocky attitude is driving me insane
Broken promises, empty words
Say what you like and I'll try to understand
Broken promises, empty words
I'll turn my back
Don't need to compromise or settle the score
Stab me in the back one too many times
You're a waste of time, waste of time, waste of time
Waste of fucking time
Track Name: Slave To Society
I'm glad I'm not like you
I have better things to do
Sit around, waste your time
Never speaking what's on your mind
A slave to society that's all you'll ever be, not me
I wish you could see what it means to truly be
Watch as life passes you by just waiting for your time to be
A slave to society that's all you'll ever be
Not me
Track Name: The Life Of Reilly
Wanna push us down? Well we’re standing up
Gonna fight for what we believe
All you care about is money, power
Welcome to the Life of Reilly!
Break the silence coming after you
Life after lie, how much can be chewed?
Boarded windows can’t keep us in
We’re breaking out
You’ll pay for what you did
I can see right through you
No friend of mine
Fuck you!
Break the silence coming after you
Life after lie, how much can be chewed?
Life of Reilly
Life of Reilly
Life of Reilly